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Important Reminders While at the Amenity Center

  • Amenity Usage is at YOUR OWN RISK.

  • It is your responsibility to bring your own disinfectant and we recommend cleaning your space before and after use.

  • Masks are not required, but they are recommended whenever possible.

  • Remember to maintain social distancing whenever possible.


Important Ways to Slow the Spread (as per the CDC Guidelines)


Appropriate Swim Attire

Please remember that the Heritage Landing pool serves a variety of ages and families. Please save the super cute, slightly risqué, new and stylish swim suit for the beach when deciding what to wear to the pool. *Appropriate swimming attire (swimsuits) must be worn at all times.


*No thongs, Brazilian bikinis or similar styles are allowed. No street clothes, including, but not limited to cutoffs and jeans, are permitted in the pool.


Mermaid suits and snorkel gear not permitted!

Pool Rules for Flotation Devices & Pool Toys

The Amenity Center Staff (Pool Monitors, Amenity Manager, Facility Attendants) reserve the right to discontinue usage of ANY play equipment, especially during times of peak or scheduled activity at the Swimming Pool, or if the equipment provides a safety concern or nuisance. Although not an exhaustive list, the following describes what is and is not OK.


Infant Water Floats with Seats | Water Wings Pool Noodles | Soft Foam Water Balls | Dive Sticks



Large Rafts and Floats | Hard Plastic Toys | Frisbees

Footballs | Tennis Balls | Baseballs



Floats limit the visibility of the bottom of the pool and some toys pose a risk or nuisance to other swimmers.

Lap Lane Etiquette

  • No sitting or swimming on top of the lane lines.

  • No crossing lanes in which people are lap swimming.

  • No throwing pool toys across the lap lanes.

  • No swimming in a lane that is already occupied without permission.

  • Please always be respectful of someone else's space in the pool.

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