What is the difference between the

 Community Development District (C.D.D)

and a Home Owners Association (H.0.A)?


The CDD is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all common

    property, which includes the Clubhouse and all related assets, lakes, and common areas

throughout the Heritage Landing community.

The C.D.D.’s managing entity is Rizzetta & Co.

The C.D.D. District Manager is Melissa Dobbins; her email address is  mdobbins@rizzetta.com.


Street Lights throughout the community are not included in the assets of the C.D.D.

Those that are not working properly must be reported to Florida Power and Light at  www.fpl.com

by residents.  The number on the street light as well as the street name are required to

identify the street light on the FPL website.


The HOA establishes and maintains codes and restrictions that govern the external appearance of

private property within the community. The HOA approves or denies applications for exterior

alterations to private property according to the established codes and restrictions. 


The Community Association Manager is Vesta Property Services, Inc.

The H.O.A. manager is Gwen Leonhardt, and she

can be reached at gleonhardt@vestapropertyservices.com


We hope this information helps distinguish the different responsibilities between the Heritage Landing Community District Development and the Heritage Landing Home Owners Association.


Jacqui Naumann

Amenity Manager


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